What this website is basically here for is to really look back on the history of music and learn why it's important to appreciate it. Of course all instruments are important in a band, but why does the guitarist always feel the need to show off? I've settled with the answer that maybe it's because guitar is one of the hardest instrements to master, along with all it's other cousins. We will be conerning mostly guitar and music.


Types of music

Don't get me wrong, there's all kinds of different music Genres around the world, but we are gonna go over a few main stream ones.

In my opinion, these are probably the 5 most main stream genres. And belonging to all of which are kings, such as Elvis Presley with Rock, Johny Cash with country, Tupac with rap, and last but not least B.B. King with blues.

These legends are all most certainly one of a kind and that's why I honor and look up to them. Do you?

How does one master the guitar, or any strung instrument? What's their goal?

Every guitarist's goal is to master the fret board. The fret board is what you play your chords and notes on. Basically once you know all of your chords and pentatonic sclaes, you have guitar mastered. "Freedom of the board," They like to call it. All of this study is called music theory. Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. It is derived from observation of, and involves hypothetical speculation about how musicians and composers make music.

What inspires some of these, "sadly iconic" artists?

Nirvana, Elvis Presley, The Eagles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jimi Hendirx and Metalica are all great bands and artists right? Acording to America's music hall of fame they are. Why aren't some of them still around?.. Maybe they had the wrong inspiration to keep them jamming. Maybe their "inspiration" is actually what made these artists forget half the things they might have loved to play as young kids, or just in their younger years in general.

A personal poem by lead singer Anthony Kiedis detailing his battles with drug addiction, "Under the Bridge" evolved into the band's biggest hit - reaching No 2 on the Billboard Charts. The song also served as a lament for original RHCP guitarist, Hillel Slovak, who died of a heroin overdose in 1988. "Under the bridge downtown/Is where I drew some blood/Under the bridge downtown/I could not get enough/Under the bridge downtown/Forgot about my love/Under the bridge downtown/I gave my life away . . ." See more at http://www.alternativereel.com/

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